Tafelski Family

Celebrating 25 years of marriage between this beautiful couple!


Nate is 3!

This amazing little guy is so much fun to photograph! I have captured Nate's life ever since he was a baby so to run around the train station with him was a wonderful way to spend my morning!! Enjoy!

Baby Katelyn

It was such an honor to photograph this beautiful family. 
The early days of parenthood is such a beautiful experience, and I am thankful to have captured it for you. Enjoy these portraits of your sweet Katelyn!!



Baby Liam

"If I have a monument in this world, it is my son."
Maya Angelou

I have had the honor of capturing this very special moment in the lives of the Boyer Family. 
Welcoming baby Liam, the most precious baby!! Heres to sleepless nights, and the 3 cup coffee drinking days!! 
 Thank You for making me love being a Photographer even more!  


Macy Ann

Sweet little Macy! Thank you for having me capture the first week of her life! 
I simply adore these photographs, and I hope you do too!


Baby Boyer

There is a baby on the way!!! And what a lucky baby they will be- being part of such a loving family!
Thank you for the honor in capturing the last few weeks of your pregnancy! 


Ryan, Lauren and their little Ladies

Enjoy these images of your beautiful family!!