DeBarr Baby

What can I say about this amazing duo!  
Liz, mama-to-be, and Don are soon welcoming their first baby in just a few weeks!! In the meantime, we captured these portraits of the love they hold and the excitement for what's to come! 

Koehler Family

Capturing the silliness in a family is not only joyful, but a privilege.
 I am so thankful to know such a beautiful family that trusts me to capture their love with my camera. Thank You Koehler Family!


Baby Layne

What a loved little man!! 
Enjoy these portraits of your sweet baby, and thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Baby Deacon

Precious little man! So thankful for you thinking of me to document his first few weeks of life! 

Senior Portraits of 2014-2015

These beautiful girls gave me the privilege to shoot their Senior Photos!! Thank you ALL for being so much fun, and allowing me to capture the beauty that each of you hold! Flawless!


Tafelski Family

Celebrating 25 years of marriage between this beautiful couple!


Nate is 3!

This amazing little guy is so much fun to photograph! I have captured Nate's life ever since he was a baby so to run around the train station with him was a wonderful way to spend my morning!! Enjoy!